Important announcement for :bijou: customers;

:bijou: and its SIM Bijouaholic will close soon due to RL circumstances of the owner Kotobuki Jewell.

To appreciate all of your long time patronage, all items at :bijou: will be on 50% discount sale.

Sale will start from December 24th, 2010.
All new and old items, hairs and lingeries will be 50% off.
Sale end date will be announced later.
We will inform you the end date on our blog (http://bijouaholic.blogspot.com/).

Bijouaholic SIM will be closed access until 24th to prepare the sale.
If you would like to purchase bijou items during the time, you can find new items at our LE.LOOK! shop and also you can contact Kotobuki Jewell via notecard.

With warm regards

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