Closing time

Hello everyone,

How you all been?

It has been 4 month since the final sale at Bijouaholic started.
I did not planned it would take this much long, but due to RL the sale has been continued until today.
As of April 30th SLT, sale will end. Bijouaholic sim will be long gone.
(We are planning to keep some of our products on SL Marketplace but not set yet)

I would like to thank you all - :bijou: and Bijouaholic sim could not be happier without everyone's support and love. Thank you, thank you so much.

It has been pleasure for myself to be a part of your fashion life in this world, where you can wear anything you want, any hairstyle you want to set.
I hope all of you and your second like will keep going wonderful and sweet.

bijou owner
Kotobuki Jewell