Bijou Ligerie salon OPEN!!

Hello everyone!
I hope you all had nice and happy thanksgiving :)
If you ever wonder what is the room next to :bijou: hair salon?
(Which is located south in main building if you haven't been there yet )
Today, we have opened all brand new lingerie section in there!

Please come visit us, and happy intimating with :bijou: ligeries.
Oh, free Xmas gift is at lingerie section too!


Bijouaholic SIM OPEN!! 03

Hello everyone :)

Today I'd like to introduce our new hairs from :bijou:
These are all new, just released on Nov 11th.

Please try out Demo at our shop :)


Bijouaholic SIM OPEN!! 02

Hello everyone :)

I'd like to introduce new cloth lines from :bijou: at our new sim "Bijouaholic".
Please come check them out in world :)


Bijouaholic SIM OPEN!! 01

Hello everyone! :)

Finally, we have opened new "bijou" headquarter, "Bijouaholic" SIM today :)
I would like to thank you all for supporting us everyday!

There is a tons of new releases for this new sim opening.
I will post our new clothes, hairs and skins for following 3 days.
Today we start from new skins,




Tomorrow, I will post about new cloth lines from :bijou:.
If you can't wait... check out our new shop today :)