** important ** :bijou: storecard discontinue

It is unfortunate to announce this.
:bijou: will stop continuing store card service as of July 3rd 2009 due to technical issues and concerns.

We will take store card vendors down on July 3rd.
Then gradually we will be changing all of our items to be no-card purchasable from 2nd week of July.
If you wish to use :bijou: store card by then, we recommend you to use your card in the 1st week of July.

If you still have balance, still we can trade your card and our items corresponding to the balance.
- Create a new folder and name like "Store card/your name". e.g. Store card/Kotobuki Jewell
- Create a new note and copy/paste the format below, please fill your name, balance and items you wish to claim.


Your name/


Items you wish to claim/


- Please make sure you have all informations and cards in the folder, then send it to Kotobuki Jewell

Items will be delivered to you ASAP after confirmations.

We would like to apologize for stopping gift card services due to technical issues.
We will be changing the way we handle gift requests.
Thank you,

:bijou: Owner
Kotobuki Jewell

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